The registration fee is 230€ and must reach us within 14 days of submitting this registration on the account of Vespa Club Sint-Truiden at number BE27 7310 3556 0373 mentioning your First Name and Club
If we have not received the money on time, your place will be released back to you.
The undersigned undertakes to execute the transfer and hereby declares to be aware that in case of non-participation, the registration fee will NOT be refunded.
Has registered sight to participate in the event "Giro "500km Vespistica" and related activities, which will take place from 24 May to 26 May 2024. I declare to be aware of the rules of the event and to accept and undertake to comply strictly with all regulations. 1. To release the organising committee of the Giro "500km Vespistica" and all other persons involved in the event from any liability in case of damages or disadvantages. 2.Grant permission to the organisation for the use of personal data and visual material related to the event. Cfr privacy policy Giro "500km Vespistica" 3. To be aware of and comply with the Belgian traffic regulations. Dress appropriately during the event. 5. Comply with the Corona measures as indicated by the City of Sint-Truiden.
I have read the above carefully and approve all this.